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Myth Peddlers Media Inc. is a content provider. We make feature length theatrical films and hour-long Television with an underlying belief that the world can be changed one thought, in one person, at one time; by creating future Myths, dispelling past Myths, and creating discussion about present Myths.

New opportunities arise daily for Canadian film in the independent sector. With tax credits, the rising Canadian dollar, and a variety of skilled crews available, there is no question that the Lower Mainland of British Columbia will remain the locale of choice for many productions today and well into the future.

Welcome to Myth Peddlers Media; a production company located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Devoted to the production and promotion of high quality, entertaining, and often thought provoking, film and video productions.

Myth Peddlers is a company handling an internal portfolio of commercially viable entertainment based feature length productions, both theatrical release and DVD movies, for mass consumption via a global market release. We achieve this by utilizing the very popular themes that are found in international entertainment and bringing these visuals to a young adult audience in a live action format.

Myth Peddlers believes in enriching society by promoting thought in its productions via intelligent design of entertainment. To this end: the Myth Peddlers will always strive to present both sides of a theoretical question in every production it presents allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions.


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